21. juuni 2014 // comment(s)

Timo Sild won the 100CP run and TOW Finals in total

Timo Sild (1:23:31), won the first place at 100CP run, Jonathan Crickmore (1:28:51) got the second place and Rain Eensaar (1:37:05) was the third one.  

Liis Johanson won the first  place in W21A with 1:21:22, followed by Kirti Rebane (1:23:38) and Laura Robertson (1:23:38).

O-Week Finals total results were the following:

M21A: Timo Sild, Jonathan Crickmore, Mikko Huhtinen.

W21A: Liis Johanson, Laura Robertson, Kirti Rebane.

You can see more results from here!

Photos of TOW 2014: