28. märts 2017 // comment(s)

Timmo Tammemäe: EOW is a fantastic chance to explore Estonia

Timmo Tammemäe is a founder of the Tallinn Orienteering Week, Event Director of World Masters Orienteering Championships 2016 and a well-known organizer of sports events in Estonia. Since World Orienteering Championships 2017 are held in Estonia, Tallinn Orienteering Week is renamed Estonian Orienteering Week (EOW), and is an Official Spectator Race of WOC 2017.

We asked Timmo to uncover a bit, what to expect from EOW and what makes it difficult to arrange such big events.

- What are the most difficult things, you have to keep in mind, when organizing large orienteering events?

The most difficult thing about it is to figure out, what are people´s expectations and desires, considering dates of the event and the overall environment in which you have to operate. To be successful, one needs to have enough experience. It is also important to plan the event carefully and know exactly what people excpect from a good event. Only then, we can be sure, that we can offer the best experience for participants.

- Is EOW somewhat different from other orienteering events, you have organized before?

It’s different in the overall size, length and internationality of the event. Our aim is to offer a new experience, emotions and competition arenas for the competitors every year. Last year, we organized the orienteering week with WMOC 2017 in North-Estonia. This year, we are organizing it as a WOC 2017 spectator race in South-Estonia. You can run in the same terrains as the world champions do. Estonian O-week is like a big carnival for both participants and organizers.

- How’s it with EOW at the moment, everything going as planned?

It is going more intensive week by week. At the moment, everything goes as planned. The snow is finally melted and now we can test the courses planned in the winter. There are also other details we have to work on. Since organizing such a big event needs a lot of staff, then one of the most important tasks is to find enough volunteers to help us out. If you don’t want to run, you can help us to organize. All the information is on our web page. 

- WMOC 2016 got a lot o positive feedback from competitors, but is there anything, you would like to do even better in EOW?

The devil is in the little details. This time, we really focus on the competition areas. It is important, that one can run and cheer the best in WOC and there are no problems with transport and other things, which can disturb it. Also, we want the volunteers to have more fun while organizing. They are important to us!

- Why should orienteers around the world take part of EOW?

Because WOC is organized in Estonia for the first time ever and this is a fantastic way to support the athletes of your country! You will get a fantastic experience.

- Please describe EOW terrains a bit, what makes those special for orienteers?

I start with Tartu – a City of good thoughts- , the competition centre of the whole event.  Tartu is a youthful university city, where there’s many things to do also after competitions. In Tartu, EOW has a city sprint with very good runability. The center of the event is the Song Cradle of Tartu near the city centre, where the WOC sprint is held.

Estonian Orienteering Week consists of 6 competitions. In addititon to Tartu, there are sprint races also in Viljandi, with it’s steep climbs and ruins of an old castle. After those events, we go to forest distances, where you should expect demanding terrains, with detailed relief.