20. juuni 2013 // comment(s)

The only Estonian who defeated the foreign runners on Tallinn City Race was Ats Sõnajalg.

Tallinn City Race which is part of Tallinn Orienteering Week brought half a thousand people from 19 different countries to compete in orienteering in Tallinn old town. The longest course (8,5km and 29 checkpoints) was won by local sportsman Ats Sõnajalg. His winning time was 37 minutes and 25 seconds, leaving second place Brian Kelly behind by 9 seconds. 21 seconds behind the winner the third place was taken by Juho-Matti Taivanen, the younger brother of multiple world champion Olli-Markus Taivanen.
In women’s class the first place went to Swedish woman Felicity Brown who covered the 6,9km and 27 checkpoints with 34 minutes and 46 seconds. Junior world championship silver medal winner, SK100 member Šarka Svobodna (Czech) had to settle for second place, losing 42 seconds. The third place went to Rugh Holmes from Great Britain.
Next event in Tallinn O-Week will be on Thursday in Laulasmaa.
O-Week finals will be held in Paukjärve on Friday and Saturday.
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