26. mai 2014 // comment(s)

Meet Jaan Tarmak, the Event Director for TOW

It's time to introduce the people who are working hard to make TOW the best orienteering experience this year. We are pleased to introduce Jaan Tarmak, the Event Director for TOW

Why orienteering?
Jaan: Different people have different reasons for doing orienteering. For me it is interesting first and foremost, because it offers the brain complicated tasks to solve – it is an „intellectual activity“. One hour of cross country can be unbearably boring for me, but when running with a map, an hour goes by without noticing it.

What do you do on Tallinn O-Week?
Jaan: I am the event director for TOW, which means that my tasks are connected to solving questions relating to general organization, coordinating the work of different sub fields and tying all the fields together. Many of my tasks are related to giving advice and support to the different directors the sub fields. More generally – most of my tasks are concentrated to the planning stage so I can asses my work by how many tasks I have during the actual competition week – the less I have, the better I have done my job!

Why come to TOW?
Jaan: Tallinn O-Week is a unique event in Estonia and also the neighbouring countries. One of the peculiarities is the package of different terrains and competition formats, which provides a challenge for all runners. Also, we try to give the competitor enough freedom so that they can enjoy everything that Tallinn and its surroundings have to offer. The competitors can choose themselves if they will skip the competition some days. Also, on two days it is possible to choose your starting time and all competitions are in the afternoon, which leaves the day open for other activities and allows one to participate after the workday. Come and experience it yourself!