18. juuni 2014 // comment(s)

Lizzie Ingham and Jonathan Crickmore won the 3rd day of TOW 2014

Lizzie Ingham (32:15) won the first place at W21A at Tallinn City Race. Second place went to Kirti Rebane (34:22) and the third women was Felicity Brown (34:36).

Jonathan Crickmore (28:53) scored the first place at M21A. Arturs Paulins (29:04)was the second one and William Gardner (30:51) the third one. 

We will continue the night with a Pub Rally what's gonna be a lot of fun! 

See you tonight at Pub Rally or tomorrow at Vääna-Jõesuu!

Results can be found from HERE!

Photos of TOW 2014: