22. juuli 2015 // comment(s)

Event director of Tallinn Orienteering Week Timmo Tammemäe

Tallinn Orienteering Week 2015 starts in less than 2 weeks and we are really excited about it. Today we are happy to introduce Timmo Tammemäe, the event director of TOW 2015. We asked him some questions about the competition.

Why should people take part in Tallinn Orienteering Week?

Orienteering Week is the biggest orienteering event in Estonia. It is organized by really fantastic and cheerful people, who will give everything in their power to make this event positively memorable. Every year we choose the best terrains in Northen Estonia for these six days and we update or draw entire new maps for the competition. As organizers we would like to offer full service for the participants: good competition info, startlists, correct driving directions and signposts, parking, visually beautiful centre, competition info on stand, mandate, tent for competitors, speaker, child care, course for small children, WC, map for warming up before start, top-quality O-course, water points, check with the results at the finish, online and on the stand results, GPS, luggage area, eating opportunities, awards for the best, photos from photographers etc. Plus we offer a great opportunity to spend a cultural vacation. We have put together a cultural programm for the competitors.

What will be missed out by not coming?

They will miss out on great experiences, meetings of the orienteering community and all the things I mentioned above.

Tell us a memorable story from some previous Tallinn Orienteering Week events.

There are some good stories from every year. A lot of them are related to organizing the competition. For example when some problems have been solved quickly and smoothly. But… we have also received praise from a foreign participant: "All of this was excellent, and especially impressive for such a small orienteering club with 50 members". At that time, there were only 15 members in SK100 club. Or another time at the prize giving ceremony, where a French woman asked after the handshake: "But where is the kiss?!". Naturally the mistake was corrected :).

The registration for Tallinn Orienteering Week ends 27.07.2015. Starts are in the evenings. Sign yourself up and come to the biggest orienteering event in Estonia. If you can’t take part in all six days, then choose the days you can!


All the best, Timmo Tammemäe, Event director of Tallinn Orienteering Week 2015