Friday, July 27

Sprint, WRE

Time and place

Rotermann Quarter (Rotermanni kvartal)

The only entrance to the competition centre is located between the Postimaja (Narva rd) and Nordic Hotel Forum.

First start at 18.00

Start for open courses 18.00-19.00

Terrain and map


The terrain is divided into two parts: the Rotermann Quarter and Forum Quarter with its surrounding areas. Rotermann Quarter can be considered a prime example of modern city center in which different enterprises and shopping streets can be found, the latter being the reason for the ample amount of pedestrians. Both terrains have narrow passageways, arched pedestrian tunnels and hidden corners. In addition to all mentioned, there are a few artificially created forbidden areas which are amplified on the map and monitored by a referee. Terrain has minimal vegetation.

Possible dangers: streets open to traffic, hidden car park barriers around corners, pedestrians moving in public space.

There are many checkpoints around the terrain, please be sure to check the marker numbers! ISSOM rules apply for the sprint which determines the forbidden/allowed symbols.

Map size is A4, scale 1:4000, distance between contour lines is 2 meters. Last updated in 2018.

Event Information

  • Individual start for sprint course.

  • World Ranking points are given in classes MW21E.

  • Estonian Orienteering Federation ranking points and Estonian Sprint Cup points are given in all classes.

  • Pre-start is 4 minutes, the start interval is 1 minute.

  • Time limit is 1,5 hours.

  • Distance between the competition centre and start is 300 metres.

  • Bib numbers can be found at the competition center. Competitors will be required to wear the same bib number every day. Safety pins are NOT provided by the organiser and are the responsibility of the competitors themselves!

  • SI-cards will be registered during the pre-start at the check-in (see the starting procedure below).

  • There are separate control descriptions for all classes at the pre-start. No equipment for attaching the bibs (i.e. pins, tape) are provided and are therefore a concern of the participant.
  • MW21E class have two-sided map!
  • MW21E class competitors are subjected to a quarantine zone located at the top floor of the Viru Center car park prior to the start. The zone can be entered by foot, through the door next to the staircase located inside 4th floor Rahva Raamat bookshop or through the 4th floor car park, if parking. Contestant has to be inside the quarantine zone at 18:00 o’clock latest. There are toilets in the quarantine zone. Quarantine is located on the parking area, where there is no roof. The contestant leaves the quarantine zone 10 minutes prior to their personal start-time.  Any personal belongings will be transported from the quarantine zone to the competition center.
  • SI Air contactless timing chips are used at the sprint. NB! The SI-AIR + function cannot be used at the finish and a manual marking with the SI-card has to be performed.

  • NB! The use of footwear with nails, spikes, peaks or other such metal parts in their soles during the sprint is forbidden!

  • The terrain will have some artificially constructed forbidden zones that will be amplified on the map and which will be overseen by referees.

  • Straight after the start point there is a boom barrier that has to be passed from the left side.


Classes and courses



Starting procedure on Friday


Competition Centre

The only entrance to the competition centre is located between the Postimaja (Narva rd) and Nordic Hotel Forum.


The best in MW21E will be awarded.

Awarding ceremony will start approximately at 20.00.


Parking is available at paid parking areas in Tallinn. Closest car park is located at Viru Center.

Competition Centre coordinates:

N: 59°26'19.1"N  E: 24°45'21.3"E

N: 59.438646      E: 24.755914



Saturday, July 28 / Sunday, June 29

Middle distance, WRE / Long distance, 100 CP Run

Time and place


First starts at:

Saturday - 13.00

Sunday - 10.00

Start time for open courses and taped route on Saturday is from 13.00 until 14.30 and the corresponding time for Sunday is from  10.00 to 11.30

Terrain and map

Landscape is formed by the southwest-northwestbound Pikknõmme ridge which is surrounded and hinged by strips of moors. The ridge is hinged quite well, the height of rather steep slopes are around 10-15 m. Moors are not wet, but rather soft and soddy. Primarily pine forest of good or very good runnability albeit several spruces and deciduous trees can make the visibility poorer. Northwest slopes of the ridge are prone to be covered by windfall trees. 

Scale 1:10000, contour interval 5 m.

Taped route scale 1:5000, contour interval 5 m.

Classes and courses

Map: Saturday – middle distance

Scale 1:10000, contour interval 5 m.

Taped route scale 1:5000, contour interval 5 m.

Map: Sunday – 100 CP Run
Scale 1:10000, contour interval 5 m.
Taped route Scale 1:5000, contour interval 5 m.

Event information

  • Individual start.

  • World Ranking points are given in classes MW21E on Saturday.

  • Water will be provided in the refreshment points. There will be an organiser.

  • Pre-start is 3 minutes, start interval is 2 minutes.

  • Numbered bibs are available at the competition centre, check near the information stand. Safety pins are not provided by the organiser.

  • Time limit will be 2.5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday.

  • Forking separation method will be used for classes M21E on Sunday.

  • On the way to the start, the competitors must go through a check-in gate where their SI-cards are registered and corresponding versions of the card verified to ensure that the competitor’s SI-card has enough capacity in order to complete the race.

  • There are separate control descriptions for all classes at the pre-start. No equipment for attaching the bibs (i.e. pins, tape) are provided and are therefore a concern of the participant.

  • Taped routes and open courses will be using start no. 3 at their chosen time (using the regular O-event system), however, the starting intervals shall not be less than 1 minute.

  • The finish is not marked on the map, there shall be only a marking from the last point to the finish line.

  • Some of the control points of the 100 Control Point Run are placed so close to one another that it is impossible to connect them with a line on the map, the organisers kindly ask you to pay attention to the order of numbers.

    Distance to the start:

Starting procedure on Saturday and Sunday



 The award ceremony will take place on Sunday according to the finishes. The three overall best in  all classes will be awarded.

Competition Centre

Driving instructions and parking

The appropriate signposts will appear from the 32th kilometre of Piibe road.

Parking is available at a clearing near Ännijärve lake. Parking fee is €1. The distance between the competition centre and parking lot is about 2 kilometres, however, the drivers are allowed to drop off fellow passengers at a point that is about 1 kilometre from the competition centre. We kindly ask for the drop-off to be as quick as possible so as to avoid any traffic jams.

Competition Centre coordinates:

N: 59°18'27.8"N        E: 25°41'01.4"E

N: 59.307723            E: 25.683714