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There are no regulations regarding clothing. Choice of footwear is free for Long Distance and Middle Distance races. Spike shoes are not allowed for Sprint Distance races.


Organizers offer hard floor accommodation in Tartu Tamme Gymnasium (Nooruse 9, Tartu), in the same school were EOW office is located. Showers are provided as well. Accommodation is offered as one package, from 30th June to 8th of July, the price is 56€/per person. More information and booking info@sk100.ee.

Acoommodation option in Tamme Hostel (http://tartusport.ee/accommodation/hostel-tamme/), ca 18€/night+breakfast/person. It is possible to order dinner for 4,5€/person. More information at accommodation@woc2017.ee .

In addition Tartu offers wide range of accommodations from 4 stars hotels to university dormitories all within walking distance from the Event Centre and the Old Town.

More information about accommodation in Estonia: Visitestonia.comwww.visittartu.com


There are permanent courses available since spring 2017 in Kirikuküla, Päidlapalu, Lajavangu, Haanja (maps with scales of 1:10 000 and 1:15 000), Juudakunnu and Veskimõisa-Poka. Controls are marked in the forest with plastic tapes and it is possible to purchase maps with all controls. Price per map is 5€ and during competition week maps are sold in EOW Event Centre (if you would like to go and train earlier, more information trainings@woc2017.ee).

More information on WOC website http://woc2017.ee/trainings

On 29th of June there is a training event in Uniküla. Start is opened from 17-19, finish is closed at 20 o'clock. More information http://www.okilves.ee/paevakud/2017/index.php


According to the current regulations, citizens of some countries must obtain a visa in order to enter Estonia. Please check the website of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information: http://vm.ee/en/taxonomy/term/41


Estonian summers are usually mild with a chance of rain. The average temperature in July, which is considered the warmest month of the year, is 16…17 °C, although the temperatures can reach more than 30°C on the hot days.
Ticks, carrying encephalitis and Lyme-disease are common in Estonia.


There is organized bus transport for the event that take place outside of Tartu (July 2nd, Viljandi; July 4th-5th, Rõuge; July 7th-8th, Vitipalu) and July 6th to the WOC middle distance. Price of the bus ticket is 70€/week per person, you can order the bus ticket in http://register.sk100.ee/ system and the bus schedule is as follows:


Tartu Tamme Gymnasium -> Viljandi -> Tartu Tamme Gymnasium 2.07.2017

Starts from Tartu 15.00, arrives at Viljandi 16.30

Starts from Viljandi 21.00


Tartu Tamme Gymnasium -> Rõuge -> Tartu Tamme Gymnasium 04.07.2017

Starts from Tartu 8.00, arrives at Rõuge 9.30

Starts from Rõuge 17.00


Tartu Tamme Gymnasium -> Rõuge -> Tartu Tamme Gymnasium 05.07.2017

Starts from Tartu 8.00, arrives at Rõuge 9.30

Starts from Rõuge 14.00


Tartu Tamme Gymnasium -> Vitipalu -> Tartu Tamme Gymnasium 06.07.2017

Starts from Tartu 10.30, arrives at Vitipalu 11.30

Starts from Vitipalu 17.00


Tartu Tamme Gymnasium -> Vitipalu -> Tartu Tamme Gymnasium 07.07.2017

Starts from Tartu 8.30, arrives at Vitipalu 9.30

Starts from Vitipalu 18.00


Tartu Tamme Gymnasium -> Vitipalu -> Tartu Tamme Gymnasium 08.07.2017

Starts from Tartu 7.30, arrives at Vitipalu 8.30

Starts from Vitipalu 13.30