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O-Week office

Information and materials are available in all O-Week Competition Centres. Additionally, O-week office is open in Tallinn English College (Estonia pst 10) from Monday to Friday at 09:00 – 11:00.

Punching system

SportIdent (SI) is used in all events.

When placing an entry, it is not necessary to enter the number of your personal SI-card, only the request to rent a card. NB! When using a personal SI-card, make sure that it has enough capacity to complete the 100 CP Run (2nd day of O-Week Final). It is not possible to use multiple SI-cards.

It is possible to rent SI-cards from the organisers.
Renting fee 10.00 €/week (version according to the 2nd day of O-Week Final).
Renting fee for all other days – 2.00 €/day.
Without pre-registration the renting fees are 1,5x higher. 
Different versions of the SI-cards are:


SI-card number

Number of punches


kuni 499 999


6, 6*

500 000 - 999 999 and

16 711 680 - 16 777 215



2 000 000 - 2 999 999



1 000 000 - 1 999 999


10, 11

7 000 000 - 7 999 999 ja

9 000 000 - 9 999 999



8 000 000 - 8 999 999


More about SI-cards: http://tak-soft.com/sportident/kaart/index.php

Open courses

On all days, except for the regular events on Tuesday and Thursday, it is possible to run open courses (pre-registration is not required). The start is open during times, which are shown in the
programme. Different courses are offered. Entry fee 6.00 €. Tickets for open course can be purchased from the information tent at the Competition Centre.

Embargoed areas

It is forbidden to use a map on WRE competition terrains (Eesti Vabaõhumuuseum /Estonian Open Air Museum and Keila-Joa) until and on the day of the competition. The embargoed areas are shown on the maps below:


Green thinking- sorting the waste

SK 100 has a green mindset and therefore for the first time we are sorting waste on Tallinn O-Week. We are collaborating with Ragn-Sells AS.

There are four different trash bins in the Competition Centre with the appropriate signs. We kindly ask the competitors to follow the signs and separate the waste into the correct bins.

There are four kind of waste:

Paper and cartons - every kind of printed paper, paper cartons, newspapers and other paper (except dirty cardboard platter (disposable plates), household paper) - collected paper will be recycled and we will help save some trees by doing that.
Plastic drinking cups in refreshment controls will also be recycled. NB!Please be aware that only water cups are deposited in these bins, not even cups which have been used for sports drinks.

Returnable bottles- will be brought to wending maschines. The returns will be used to cover the costs of sorting waste.
Recycable materials (paper, plastic cups and bottles) will be collected in transparent bags.
Mixed waste - all other kinds of waste, which are not collected separately, go to mixed waste bin (incl. food waste, used disposable tableware, map plastic bags etc.). Mixed waste will be collected in a black bin.


The purchasers of the O-Week Pass can book accommodation through the organisers. We kindly ask you to contact the secretary – Kadi-Liis Minn (info [at] sk100.ee) - for more information.

Floor accommodation is available for all competitors, regardless of Pass purchase.

NB! As this time of the year is high season for the tourism industry, we recommend informing the organisers of your wish as soon as possible.

Accommodation A:

 Tallink  City  Hotell  4* (Centre of Tallinn, A.Laikmaa 5)
Price per person 35 – 65 €/night
Price includes comfortable accommodation, buffet breakfast and an opportunity to use sauna in the morning.
All rooms offer air conditioning, free Internet connection, TV (including satellite channels), telephone, safe, mini bar and a shower or a bath.
Children under 13 years of age stay free of charge in a room together with parents.
All rooms are meant for non smokers.
There are limited parking places located in the hotel backyard and it costs 10 €/day.

 Accommodation B

1)    16 € hostel (Centre of Tallinn, Rotermanni quarter)
Price per person 10 – 19 €/night.
It is possible to order buffet breakfast (cost 6€ per person), there is also a small kitchen corner for public use (with a stove top, oven, refrigerator, water boiler, toaster and a microwave oven)

2) Old Town Munkenhof Guesthouse (Tallinn’s Old Town, Munga 4) (www.oldtownmunkenhof.ee) 
Prices per person 13 - 19 €/night 
Amenities include a 24-hour reception, cozy common areas with TV’s and computers with free internet and a fully equipped kitchen.
Every floor has 3 separate bathrooms. Breakfast meals can be obtained from a nearby Reval Cafe (http://www.revalcafe.ee), breakfast voucher 5.50€)
Opportunity for parking is in paid parking on Uus street (15€ per 24h)

3) The Munk´s Bunk (Centre of Tallinn, Tatari1)
Price per person 9 – 12 € /night
Rooms are equipped with bunk beds for 6,8,10 and 12 persons.
Breakfast can be ordered (3€ per person). There is also fully stocked kitchen, sauna, common area and bathrooms for public use.

 Accommodation C:

 Apartment.ee (Centre of Tallinn)
Price per person 22 – 45 €/night. Security deposit payment is 40% for booking.
Apartments are in the green and calm city centre area, only 15 minutes walks from Old Town on Pilve, Aasa, Villard street,
Available apartments can be seen on the website: http://www.apartment.ee/apartments-prices/127

 Accommodation D:

Floor accommodation in Tallinn English College (in Tallinn City Centre)
Price for children 4€/night, adults 6€/night
Showering are located next to Tallinn English College in English College Sports hall
(http://www.tiksport.ee/), price 1€/per washing.

Showering is available:
M (16.06) at 20.45 – 21.45
Tu (17.06) at 20:00 – 21:00
W (18.06) at 20.45 – 21.45
Th (19.06) at 20:00 – 21:00

Please inform organizers about your wishes to use shower in advance.


The purchasers of the O-Week Pass can order transportation from the Centre of Tallinn to all competition venues outside Tallinn (from Monday through Wednesday the events are in the city) from the organisers. The price is 20.00 €/week. One-day tickets for 8.00 € are available only if there are vacant seats.

The buses depart from Mere Puiestee, near Kanuti Garden.

Departure times (from Mere Puiestee):
•  Thursday, June 19, 16.00
•  Friday, June 20, 15.30
•  Saturday, June 21, 10.00

Departure times from competition centres:
•  Thursday, June 19, 20.00, arrival to Tallinn approx. 20.30
•  Friday, June 20, 21.00, arrival to Tallinn approx. 21.30
•  Saturday, June 21, 18.30, arrival to Tallinn approx. 19.00

NB! Bus departure times depend on competitiors' finish time. Those who finish earlier can spend time at competition centre: there is sport massage, catering, sale of O-equipment.

On June 16th and 17th we advise to come to the competition centre by public transport. Only valid transport ticket will grant you travelling in public transport vehicles of Tallinn. There are three opportunities for buying a ticket:

A ticket purchased from the driver (at the price of 1,6 €) will grant you the right for one ride. You must only use cash to buy a ticket from the driver of public transport vehicle. You must enter the public transport vehicle, using the front door to purchase the ticket. A passenger will be required to keep the ticket until the end of the ride. This ticket is not marked, punched or validated.

You can use the money, loaded onto your Smartcard (Ühiskaart) to purchase tickets to six passengers (1.10 € each). To do that, you must first load money onto your card in a point of sales and one hour ticket will be generated automatically as you board a public transport vehicle and swipe your card to validate your trip. If you want to purchase more tickets, use arrows to choose the required number of additional tickets (up to 5 more), then push OK and then validate the purchase of extra tickets by swiping your Smartcard again in front of the validator.
1, 3, 5 and 30 day tickets are available for the Smartcard. As your board a public transport vehicle, you will be required to validate your trip every time by swiping the card to the validator. If you see a green light, your trip has been validated.

Returning Tallinn Public Transport Card
Tallinn Public Transport Card can be returned within the first six months after the first validation to the clerk of service desk of Tallinn City Government at Vabaduse Väljak 7, Ühendatud Piletite AS. You won’t get a deposit refund if the Smartcard is physically damaged.

More information on http://www.tallinn.ee/eng/Public-transport-tickets
Public transport schedules: http://tallinn.yhistransport.eu/


Parking is free at all the Competition Centres, except for Tallinn City Centre where Tallinn priced parking areas have to be followed.
Please take info account the parking opportunities marked on the maps of the competition centres.
Priced parking area in Tallinn city centre:


Complaints and protests

Complaints have to be submitted to the secretary in writing as soon as possible, but not later than the last result has been published. The organizer will investigate the complaint and inform the complainant about the decision.

Protest can be submitted to appeal against the decisions the organizers have made about complaints. A protest has to be submitted to the IOF Event Advisor or a member of the jury as soon as possible but not later than one hour after the organizers have announced their decision about the complaint.

Filing complaints and protests is free of charge.

IOF Event Adviser is Leho Haldna

Jury members in WRE-sprint and WRE-middle:
Liis Johanson, Timo Sild, Jari Kymäläinen


A list of countries, whose citizens need a visa to enter The Republic of Estonia, can be found on the web site of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. http://www.vm.ee/?q=en/node/53


The average temperature in Estonia in June is 14,5 °C and generally the temperature is between 10 to 20 °C. The average rainfall in June is 61mm and the chance of rain is 30 %.


Every competitor is responsible for his/her own health and safety. The competition in Tallinn city centre take place on city streets, which are open to traffic. Additionally there are a lot of tourists on the streets in June.


There are no special requirements in regards to clothing.
It is forbidden to run with spiked or studded shoes in Tallinn city centre.

Culture and Leisure program

Monday, June 16
Tallinn ZOO Walking Tour starts at 15.00 from the Zoo North gate with Tallinn O-Week guide.
Every participant can get the Zoo orienteering map with different exhibits marked on the map.
Price for adults 6 €, children 4 €. We advice to come from Tallinn City center by trolleybus nr 6
(stop Zoo), look at schedules http://soiduplaan.tallinn.ee/
For additional information:

Tuesday, June 17
At 13.30 gathering on Freedom square (Vabaduse väljak), where bus nr 23 will take us to Nõmme. There will be tour in Glehn Castle.
(http://www.ttu.ee/organisatsioonid/glehni-loss/ )
After the tour, there is a possibility to visit Nõmme Adventure Park. Price for an adult is 17€, with a group over 11 people there is 15% discount.
(http://www.nommeseikluspark.ee/en/ )

Wednesday, June 18
Old Town Walking tour will start at 14.00 from Freedom Square (Vabaduse väljak). The tour is
guided by Tallinn O-Week quide.
The Pub rally takes place at 20.30.

Thursday, June 19
We recommend for individual visiting:
•  Estonian Open Air Museum (http://www.evm.ee/eng/home)
•  Kumu - Art Museum of Estonia (http://www.kumu.ee/en/)
•  Kiek in de Kök tower and Bastion tunnels  (Komandandi tee 2), (http://linnamuuseum.ee/kok/en/)
NB! The Bastion Tunnels can be only visited by guided tours! (group size is limited to 20 persons and should be booked in advance at the museum)
•  Seaplane Harbour  (http://www.lennusadam.eu/en/ )
•  Tallinn TV Tower (http://www.teletorn.ee/en )

Friday, June 20
Collective visit to Türisalu klint
Bus departures  from Mere Puiestee 15:30. After a small tour, bus goes straight to the competition centre.

Official tourist information website: http://www.visitestonia.com/en/
See also: http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/eng
More happenings in Tallinn : http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/eng

Pub Rally

On Wednesday evening it is possible to take part in Pub Rally in various pubs in the Old Town. It is a team competition where a team can be formed of two to four runners.

Registration will take place from the beginning of O-week, every day at the Competition Centre
or at O-week office. MOBO - mobile orienteering will be used for punching (http://mobo.osport.ee/?l=en).

There is no start and finish area, which means that the competitors can start at a freely chosen time after the sprint competition. Teams will receive Pub Rally maps after 20:30. There are several pubs marked on the map, witch are located in Tallinn Old Town. It is a free order course, meaning that the competitors can choose the order of visiting the controls. To make a MOBO-punch in pub, team must make at least one purchase.

The final result will be based on the number of pubs visited, on a tie, the time at the last pub will be decisive.
SI-read out is located in Chicago 1933 pub (Aia 3), it can be made until 00.30. 
Entry fee is 5.00 € per team (entry + one map, every extra map 1.00 €) and will be paid with the entry.
The best teams will be awarded during the O-Week Final.
The minimum age for alcohol consumption in Estonia is 18 years.

Additional services at the Competition Centre

On all days several additional services are offered at the Competiton Centre:

  Mon 16.6

Tue 17.06

Wed 18.06

Thu 19.06

Fri 20.06

Sat 21.06


 until 20.00

  + 300m + +

Shower facilities


      + +




+ + + +

Child care


+ + + + +

Luggage area







First aid + + + + + +
Sports massage and kinesiotaping     + + + +
Sales of O-equipment + +   + + +


On Monday (until 20:00), Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday it is possible to buy warm meals at the Competition Centre. On Friday and Saturday payments are only accepted in cash!

Shower facilities

On Friday and Saturday competitors can use an outdoor shower with warm water. On other days there are no shower facilities at the Competition Centres.

Child care

Supervised child care is available in all Competition Centres. Child care provides for a tent, toys and instructors. With dry weather on Monday, Friday and Saturday there will be a trampoline. The area will be fenced off from the rest of the Competition Centre. Child care will be opened one hour before the starts (Tuesday and Thursday at the beginning of starts) and will be closed with the finish.

On Saturday child care is open 11:00-17:00

Luggage area

It is possible to leave your belongings at a supervised luggage area in all Competition Centres. The luggage area is opened one hour before the starts (Tuesday and Thursday at the beginning of starts) and will be closed with the finish. You can leave your car keys in the luggage area during the competition.

Sports massage and kinesiotaping 

Sports massage is offered by the students of M.I.Massage Academy.

Sports massage represents a complex of special moves that increases athletic efficiency, prepares the athlete for a lasting active muscle work and accelerates the recovering processes. Massage is effective for preparing for the competitions as well as for fighting the fatigue.

Kinesiotaping is a method that is based on the natural recovery of the body. A specially designed tape is used, that lets the skin to breathe and allows extensive movement. Kinesiotaping supports and stabilizes joints and muscles without disturbing the circulatory processes. Kinesiotaping is used as a 24h principle on muscle-joint structures, helping to stabilize, reduce the inflammation, swelling, pain and to relax the overtired muscles.

Sale of O-equipment

Different orienteering equipment shops are situated at the Competition Centre and also ISC tent. O-equipment is available on all days except Wednesday, June 18.

First aid

First aid is offered at the Competiton Centre on all days.


O-Week souvenirs can be ordered with the entry:
Stainless steel drinking bottle with TOW2014 logo (450 ml) - 10 €.
Original Buff® with TOW and WMOC2016 logo - 12 €.
The souvenirs can be collected from the office or information tent during the O-Week.


In case of cancelling your entry, the entry fees will not be refunded. However, if medical certificate is provided before O-Week, next year’s entry can be done at half the price. If the race is cancelled due to force majeure (circumstances not depending on the organisers), the entry fees will not be refunded.